Network services with unmatched availability, management, performance and security

Mission-critical systems and transformative digital solutions require a network that offers exceptional availability, management, performance, and security, both of the network itself and associated ICT services. When you can’t afford your telecommunications to fail, Vertel services deliver a strong value proposition that meets even the most stringent criteria.

Letting your workers access apps and data in a timely fashion without annoying lag or latency is essential for business productivity. As more organisations shift workloads and data to the cloud, this has become profoundly important. Vertel provides dependable connectivity spanning metro, remote, and regional Australia, regardless of the size or complexity of your business.

Vertel delivers networks with guaranteed service availability. We take the time to understand exactly what you are looking to achieve with your network connectivity. Then, we deliver. We make sure your network offers the best possible user experience for your IT team and staff, backed by an easy-to-understand quality of service (QoS) promise.

We help you deliver a better user experience while providing a seamless network and enhancing your business operations.

Networks for demanding organisations

We offer carrier-grade fixed wireless access in metro, regional, and remote Australia, integrated with a diverse and ultra-high capacity national fibre network. This delivers a network solution that matches the critical requirements of government, enterprise, and service provider organisations.

Vertel offers network solutions for any business, regardless of how demanding your service availability, performance, management, and security criteria are.

Supporting apps to perform the way they are intended

In a cloud-first and applications-first world, the network is key to delivering apps and data to perform the way they’re intended. Vertel is passionate about building networks that deliver exceptional outcomes for organisations in industries including education, health, hospitality, waste management, security and government.

Vertel network services give you the peace of mind and confidence you need when the performance of your ICT applications and services is crucial to your organisation’s success in outperforming your competitors and delighting your customers.

IconLand Mobile Radio 

Standards-based, high availability applications that integrate traditional two-way radio networks with push to talk over cellular functionality for mobile devices. Secure, wide area coverage on shared networks with optional coverage extensions for challenging coverage areas and in-building communications.

IconWireless Lan

Carrier grade wireless networks for guaranteed public w-fi in metro, regional and remote Australia. Location-based services enable commercial, safety and operational functionality for shopping centres, airports, sports stadiums, art galleries, hotels and government agencies. User data is collated for big data analysis.


Boost mobile device capacity and speed with long-term evolution (LTE). Avoid disruptions caused by network outages through a dual SIM device that enables calls on multiple carriers plus failover to wi-fi. Guaranteed end-to-end performance of voice and video services. Can integrate fixed networks and applications with the mobile environment for assured and secure operations.