Critical network services for Government, Enterprise and Service Provider organisations

We provide networks. But not just any sort of networks. Put simply, we provide critical networks.

Our speciality is in the provision of network services that have unusually high requirements in terms of availability, performance, management and security. The networks you use when you just can’t afford your communications to fail.

We started life as a provider of two-way radio networks. These private radio networks were the precursor to the mobile phone and were the ‘must have’ communications tool for police, couriers, taxis, security guards, ambulance operators. You get the idea.

From these somewhat humble beginnings, we have developed a broad range of fixed and mobile network services that we provide to some of Australia’s best known and most demanding Government, Enterprise and Service Provider organisations:

If it’s critical in nature, we do it.

We also provide a range of value-added services around these critical networks. A portfolio of our own communication sites and towers, professional engineering services and a range of Cloud services (from ‘best of class’ partners).

We work with organisations that look to ICT as a ‘value creator’ rather than just a cost to their business. Everything we do is driven by the knowledge that to be successful as a network provider, we have to create value for your organisation, the people you employ and the customers you serve.