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Vertel partners with Beaconsim to bring virtual critical communications training platform to Australia

June 12, 2019 – Vertel, Australia’s largest privately owned telecommunications carrier, is partnering with Beaconsim, a Finnish-based operative field communications simulator provider, to bring its solution to Australia.

Beaconsim offers fully-fledged solutions for critical communications training and planning for networks including TETRA, LTE, 5G, DMR, digital PMR, Tetrapol, Mesh, P25 and proprietary networks. The advanced radio command and control dispatcher simulators are reality-based, easily controlled by the trainer, and measure learning.

Tony Hudson, commercial director, Vertel, said, “Beaconsim has a unique offering that is in demand with Vertel customers. The virtual training solution is attractive to large fleets, particularly in emergency services, that require consistent training for staff on how to use their in-house communications devices. Having a consistent and reliable outcome, and properly trained staff, in all operational circumstances is especially critical for emergency services in assisting with life-threatening situations, and to avoid unnecessary risk.

“Vertel is always looking for partners that can help round out our service offerings, and increase the capability of users, and Beaconsim does exactly that. It also offers us an opportunity to address new customers with large mobile and radio fleets, who have a requirement for flexible yet consistent training regimes.”

“While Vertel’s initial target audience for this offering is emergency services, we also hope to address other industries, such as security and surveillance and transport and logistics as the platform is valuable in training people in the use of any device. Beaconsim is complementary to Vertel’s overall offerings and consistent with our strategy of looking around the world for best-of-breed technology partners, who fit with our strategic direction to enhance our customers’ experience.”

Elina Avela, CEO, Beaconsim, said, “For Beaconsim’s customers, communications is crucial in bringing clear situational awareness to all parties dealing with an incident. This communication must be fluent, accurate and support incident management. Our simulator-based solutions help our customers build and strengthen their communication skills and agreed procedures. Our solutions have become an important tool for critical communications industries around the world and we are delighted to be working with Vertel to grow our presence in the region.”

About Beaconsim

Beaconsim is a solution provider of critical communications training and planning for networks including TETRA, LTE, 5G, DMR, digital PMR, Tetrapol, Mesh, P25 and proprietary networks. The advanced radio and command and control dispatcher simulators let organisations measure and control training for better real-life results. Its solutions range from virtual classrooms of a few students to self-learning of thousands. Beaconsim is based in Finland and has customers in 28 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

About Vertel

Vertel is a wholly-owned, Australian national telecommunications carrier with over 40 years’ experience delivering critical network infrastructure and services to Enterprise, Government and Service Provider organisations. With a broad range of fixed and mobile network and Cloud services, underpinned by excellence in delivery and on-going operations, we specialise in serving customers with high availability, performance, management and security requirements for business, mission and life-critical operations. As the world’s first wireless carrier to achieve MEF certification for its Ethernet Layer 2 service, we can design, build and deliver carrier-grade connectivity and applications for organisations throughout Australia.