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Push To Talk Over Cellular (PoC) – The Evolution of Two-Way Radio

PoC grabs all the best aspects of two-way radio and integrates them with the capability of mobile phone networks to create an enhanced mobile communications tool with a broad set of voice, data and video features. 

Recently we got wind of a fascinating conversation that really resonated with our insights into the two-way radio market, and it’s likely that it’s a conversation theme that’s being repeated all around this vast country of ours.

A fringe metro transport operator was talking with his accountant about how his business had expanded in the past 12 months, but how his two-way radio coverage was not keeping up and affecting his ability to service his customers.

This transport operator had built his business by focusing on top quality customer service. For Dave (not his real name), this means that he needs to know where his vehicles are at all times so that customers can track deliveries; he also wants to be able to quickly contact drivers for delivery changes. Plus his drivers need the reassurance that they can get in touch with HQ in the event of a problem.

However, Dave’s ageing two-way radio set up was causing frustration and hampering the company’s operations. Dave’s accountant suggested the company explore the latest evolution in two-way radio technology.

Enter Vertel and Push to Talk Over Cellular (PoC), the next level in instant group communications and perfect for Dave’s transport business or for that matter, any business with people mobile in the field , whether in vehicles or on foot.

Vertel PoC’s advanced dispatcher functionality works seamlessly with the hardware by providing voice, messaging and geographic location services in a single package. When Dave’s drivers are required to operate outside normal working hours, they have the reassurance that any duress call is prioritised and the dispatcher is able to remotely operate the microphone and camera enabling immediate assessment of that duress call.

Vertel were pioneers of two-way radio in Australia and Executive Director, Andrew Findlay, says “Vertel’s focus is to not only provide PoC to enhance the investments our customers have made in their LMR networks, it’s also to meet the critical communication and enhanced messaging requirements of organisations with lone workers and field service teams.

And because the likes of Dave are driven by delivering service excellence, Vertel’s PoC offer includes device management, and a 24/7 NOC and Service Desk with ‘Over the Air’ configuration and management.

Talk to Vertel to find out more about how PoC can take your instant group communications to the next level.