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An MEF paper on Microwave Technologies for Carrier Ethernet Services

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An MEF paper on Microwave Technologies for Carrier Ethernet Services

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Microwave technology is increasingly used to provide Carrier Ethernet. The main advantages of Microwave based Ethernet solutions are:

  • Rapid deployment time.
  • Cost effective when compared to other approaches.
  • Offers throughput that rivals fiber for many applications.
  • Mature carrier-grade solution.

Because it uses radio spectrum instead of physical connective it eliminates “right of way” issues that complicate installation of fiber or copper media. In many environments, Microwave can provide the lowest cost per bit for transporting Ethernet services. It is a competitive choice for capacities, up to 1 Gigabit per second and with ongoing developments in Microwave technology we expect to see capacity expand to several Gigabits in the near future.

However, many misconceptions exist regarding Microwave technology as an access media for Ethernet services. These misconceptions include: insufficient capacity, weather influenced performance degradation, and concerns about spectrum availability.

Recent developments in Microwave technology and Ethernet services as defined by the MEF are making these concerns moot and highlighting other benefits of Microwave technology in access networks.

Download MEF paper that discusses how modern Microwave Technology (Terrestrial Microwave) has become an efficient complement to Fiber and Copper when deploying Carrier Ethernet Services in access networks.

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