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An MEF paper on Carrier Ethernet role in Business Applications

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An MEF paper on Carrier Ethernet role in Business Applications

Thursday, February 05, 2015

The enterprise Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”) landscape is constantly changing. New IP based voice and video services, continue to add pressure on the WAN to deliver increased bandwidth and enhanced performance. Legacy WAN connectivity technologies such as FR and ATM are being grandfathered by many service providers. TDM based connectivity does not provide the operation flexibility expected by the modern enterprise.

As ICT managers look for solutions, MEF defined Carrier Ethernet(“CE”) services have emerged as an attractive alternative to provide businesses with a best of breed cost - effective solution.Ethernet standards from the MEF, ITU and IEEE have added(and continue to add) features and functionalities to make Ethernet a WAN capable technology.At the same time an increasing number of service providers are introducing or expanding their MEF - compliant Carrier Ethernet services(hereafter referred to as CE - Services).In many cases, these CE - Services are replacing some of the service providers’ legacy technologies(such as FR and ATM) while in other cases they are co - existing alongside more established technologies, such as Layer 3 VPN services– also referred to as IP - VPN services(both Layer 3 VPN and IP - VPN services are hereafter referred to as IP - VPN).Understanding how to integrate and benefit from those CE - Services is an increasing challenge for many ICT managers.

Download this MEF positioning paper that helps enterprise ICT decision makers better understand the role CE services can play in a business environment.The first part of the paper highlights and discusses the characteristics and benefits of CE - Services while the second part reviews a number of use cases related to implementation of CE - Services for small, medium and large businesses.