Purple Cow Industries provides consistent and secure communications across its operations with Vertel Push to Talk over Cellular

January 20, 2020 – Purple Cow Industries, a leading construction waste management and skip bin provider across the Sydney metropolitan area, has chosen Vertel’s Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) service to enhance communications across its operations.

As a waste management and skip bin provider, Purple Cow Industries has a fleet of trucks on the go at all times. While using allocation software for assigning jobs, Purple Cow Industries also needed to provide a communications platform for its fleet. The business had been using mobile phones for this, however, for safety and compliance reasons, Purple Cow Industries needed to find an alternative, which offered broader functionality.

Ardian Gorana, head of process, Purple Cow Industries, said, “After looking at what was available on the market, it became apparent that the standard solutions such as two-way radios weren’t suitable for our purposes. As well as safety and compliance, we also needed to ensure that our communications were secure and private. This simply wasn’t the case with two-way radios. In addition, a two-way solution would require licensing, set up and hardware costs, which made it too cost-prohibitive for a relatively new business.”

This led Purple Cow Industries to explore alternatives, including Vertel’s PoC service. Vertel’s PoC is a fully-managed service that enhances all the valuable aspects of two-way radio and integrates them with the many benefits of broadband mobile applications and public mobile networks, such as wider coverage, flexible voice services, GPS tracking and data uses.

Ardian Gorana said, “Vertel’s PoC was an ideal solution for Purple Cow Industries’ needs. In particular, it gave us the control from the base station to flexibly modify and create extra channels as needed, as well as creating new groups. This was important in ensuring that the right people were receiving the relevant communications. For example, we could separate skip bin and yard operators in different groups.

“In addition, the flexibility that Vertel offered in letting us use our existing network provider and SIM cards for the Telo M5 and TE390 devices ensured that our capital outlay was minimal, which was critical for a business not long launched. We now have one platform for communication across the business that is reliable and secure. Everyone in the business is on the same page and instructions are relayed to all operators to ensure consistency.”

Tony Hudson, commercial director, Vertel, said, “Vertel offers a tightly integrated bundle of hardware, multiple carrier networks, a PoC application and professional services to ensure that customers like Purple Cow Industries have a access to a flexible solution that meets their specific requirements.”

As an added benefit, Purple Cow Industries has been able to leverage the GPS functionality of Vertel’s PoC service, letting it track the fleet at all times. This has led to further cost efficiencies as other overlapping solutions have been phased out.

Ardian Gorana said, “In the future we will look at other capabilities of the service including using the location services and photo capturing capability to improve our chain of custody evidence, which will further enhance our compliance.”

About Purple Cow Industries

Purple Cow Industries is a leading construction waste management and skip bin provider across the Sydney metropolitan area. Purple Cow Industries shares a common vision with its clients to ensure all projects are managed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Purple Cow is committed to putting significant efforts towards sustainable techniques and community investment during every project.

About Vertel

Vertel is a wholly-owned, Australian national telecommunications carrier with over 40 years’ experience and have built a reputation as fixed and mobile critical network experts. As pioneers of two-way radio in Australia, Vertel has partnered with global best practice partners to deliver the next-generation two way radio with Vertel’s Push to Talk over Cellular, a powerful tool for enhanced workplace safety and management of field teams across almost any sector.