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The recent national Telstra outage meant many consumers were unable to withdraw cash at ATMs or make digital payments. The outage is believed to have cost Australian retailers an estimated $100 million in lost sales.


Years of research on transformations has shown that the success rate for these efforts is consistently low: less than 30 percent succeed.


The Wide Area Network is your vital business highway, and right now, it’s crumbling under the weight of expectation in an era of increasing dependency on applications and Cloud. But what if you...


By failing to embrace a more strategic view of the role IT should play in an organisation, and not being aligned to the strategic business plan, IT personnel are risking their own redundancy. 


PoC grabs all the best aspects of two-way radio and integrates them with the capability of mobile phone networks to create an enhanced mobile communications tool with a broad set of voice, data...


The 000 outage highlighted one particular and significant failure in the thinking around the design, and ultimately the operation of our critical emergency network services; their resilience.


The recent floods in Queensland and northern NSW in the aftermath of Cyclone Debbie placed great strains on community infrastructure. Whole electricity networks went down, and telecommunications...


Google 'distant healing' and you will be amazed at the range of spiritual religious and quasi-scientific services offering to heal all manner of ailments via telephone, Internet or healing...


The value of IT in education has long been recognised - maybe too long, beacuse many schools now have outmoded technology that may offer interesting challenges to geeks but little preparation for...


Discover new worlds with an increasing number of cloud based applications