Nimble, passionate and focused beats slow, indifferent and distracted

As a niche player in the market we believe we are better equipped than the incumbent players to deal with the importance and uniqueness of your ICT requirements. We don’t hide behind slick sales pitches or ‘feel good’ ads, we just focus on service excellence to cater to your ICT needs.

As a challenger telco, we operate in a tightly-focused niche of critical network services. We deal with organisations that utilise integrated IT and telco services (ICT) as a strategic enabler of their business, mission and or life critical operations.

We serve some of Australia’s best known and most demanding Government, Enterprise and Service Provider organisations. They work with us because they are challengers themselves. They share the same belief that focused, passionate and nimble organisations deliver on the promises of service excellence.

Sounds like a pretty limited market. And it is to some degree. But we like it that way as the organisations we serve are doing great things to enable smarter, healthier and safer Australian communities. And that’s what truly excites us.